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Brett Alexander


Brett was "encouraged" to take piano lessons in the 5th grade.  After some steady progression over a few years, he hooked up with some friends in high school and starting toying with Classic Rock.  After playing "Light My Fire" with his buddies in front of the entire school, he was hooked.

Brett continued to enjoy the 60's and 70's classics, but he also took a strong liking to the Piano gods of the 80s:  Billy Joel and Elton John.  Through his college years, concerts were part of his life:  Pink Floyd, the Eagles, Warren Zevon (and yes, even John Denver and Howard Jones).  Plus about 20 trips to see Jimmy Buffett.

After moving to Columbus in 1997, Brett joined a Classic Rock band with some new friends, and they played at local bars on and off for about 10 years.  The band broke up (as bands do), and he was left to play by himself and sing karaoke until 2014 when he stumbled upon Phil Jones.  After playing a back-yard "Classic Rock" concert, John Fuller magically appeared.  The band had a drummer and became forever known as Ra88 (Radiate).  

Mitch Freshour officially galvanized the group as the bass player, and the rest will be history

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