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About the Band

Ra88 is a Classic Rock Cover band out of central Ohio.

We grew up loving rock music.  Whether it's from the 50s or the 90s, some rock music is great enough to be considered "Classic".  We love to take these "Classic Rock" songs from across the decades, add our own blend of spices, and bring them back to our audiences.

In addition to a genuine sound enhanced by the highest quality Bose speaker systems, we implement eye-popping visuals to create a complete show.

  • Cold Fusion Fog, Ultraviolet effects, lasers, haze, bubbles, and autonomous spotlights. 

  • (lasers & bubbles only available for outdoor events.)

We can play any venue from small patios to large halls, and no audience is too small or too large.

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Lead Vocals / Guitar

Brett Alexander

Keyboard / Backing Vocals


John Fuller

Drums / Backing Vocals

Mitch Freshour

Bass / Awesomeness

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