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John Fuller


John was born into a home of music and percussion, thanks to his Father’s passion as a working drummer. He cut his teeth, literally and figuratively, on a set of congas next to his crib. Still in diapers, John received a set of Animal Muppet drums, and was steadily raised on a diet of Rock & Rhythm.


When there wasn’t a jam session in the basement, there was music blaring on the stereo. When he was not rocking out in the car, he was air drumming on the shoulders of his dad at one of the countless concerts of his childhood.


So many albums, so many shows, so many drum heroes... his influences are of no surprise:

John Bonham, Neil Peart, Ian Paice, Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon just to name a few.


It wasn’t long before John started sitting in at gigs, even though you could barely see him behind the kit. Eventually, he would fill in full time, and soon enough, follow his own musical endeavors.


This path has led him to Radiate, where he passionately propels the nuclear reaction of Phil, Brett, and Mitch to create a radioactive classic rock experience

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