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Mitch Freshour


It was sophomore year in High School, and Mitch had taken an art course where the instructor would allow students to bring in albums, and play them on the school issued, all-in-one, monophonic record player during class. Creating art projects while listening to Jeff Beck’s Blow by Blow and Wired albums over and over for the entire semester helped launch a lifelong passion for music and creativity.

Realizing art wasn’t his forte, Mitch moved towards engineering while continuing to expand on his passion for music, developing a taste for rock and alternative bands by covertly listening to his older brother’s extensive record collection, ranging from such iconic bands as the Allman Brothers to Jean-Luc Ponty, Marshall Tucker Band to Frank Zappa, Led Zepplin to Pink Floyd, and anything and everything in between.

Inspired by concerts and the local Columbus music scene, Mitch began buying, modifying, and building guitars and amps, as well as playing self taught keyboards and guitar with friends in garages and basements. Being an Engineer by profession he also always had one hand on the mixing board and recording equipment.

Mitch was introduced to Ra-88 at one of their first live shows, running the soundboard and lending a hand wherever needed. Admiring Ra-88’s dedication and talent, he jumped at the opportunity to step out from behind the mixing console and join the band up on stage, filling the bass player slot, completing the Ra-88 sound, and never looking back.

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